Mastihari - there is nothing else we can really say that isn't already in  which has been running now for nearly 6 years, so it is probably better if we don't try so we apologise for repeating ourselves.

Small and compact, not the prettiest of places you have ever seen but bedecked with bougainvilleas, orleanders, giant geraniums and other flowers and shrubs.
It is difficult to get lost here. There are a few mini-markets which serve all basic needs; a few tourist and car hire offices which offer money exchange and excursions and various small shops with different things. It may not sound exciting but it is the most laidback and relaxing place you can imagine.

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Mastichari is situated on the north side Kos, only 5 kms from the airport and right in the middle of the island making it an ideal base for exploring. There are also regular ferry boats hopping across to Kalymnos which means it is a handy stop over place for travelling to and from other islands.
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No loud music (by law all music has to be turned off at midnight and this is mostly adhered to). There are no loud, lager louts nor loud motor bike racing up the main road until 4.00am - in fact it is all you could want for a chilled-out, stress-free,battery re-charging couple of weeks. It is the ideal place for younger couples wanting a romantic break; older couples who also want a romantic break; families, or anybody who wants peace and quiet and no hassle on their holiday.
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With a long sandy beach with tavernas and cafes fronting onto it, it is a great place for a beach or quiet water sports holiday. Wind surfing is especially popular here as we invariably have some wind and there is a great water sports centre which caters from everyone from novices to experts.
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Night and day life is centered around the cafes and tavernas spread around the village. The flavour is still very traditionally Greek with some very good locally caught fish on offer and the village is a haunt for locals at the weekends which rather speaks for itself.
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For peace, relaxation, rest and a friendly atmosphere, you can't really beat Mastihari which is why people come back year after year after year. There are few people who don't come back again!
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