Kefalos, the head of the island, the ancient capital which is now as far away from the modern (relatively)  capital as it can be.

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What we know as Kefalos actually comprises of different areas; the old village of Kefalos at the top of the hill and Kamari Bay, Kampos and Agios Stefanos on the coastline.


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It is long and sprawling but flat along the length of the bay, with tavernas, cafes and beaches in constant supply. The village beaches comprise sand and shingle and the sea has a clarity that is difficult to describe.  Agios Stefanos is an ancient Basilica, with beautiful mosaics, and  which also has one of the best beaches in the village area. 


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With the island of Kastri in the background with its small church of Agios Nicolaos, the protector of sailors, the beach is easily accessible from anywhere in Kefalos.


The coastline leading to Kefalos has some of the best beaches on the island, including the famous Paradise Beach. There are many beaches, as quiet or as noisy as you could wish for. There will be lots more information in Kefalos Uncovered about the many sandy beaches and coves.


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As you meander along the straight towards the harbour, there are more village beaches which offer opportunities for wind surfing and other low key water sports. Alongside there are tavernas looking straight across the water.



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There are some small roads around the back of the Kamari Bay and Kampos areas which are worth exploring. With small traditional houses, pomegranate trees, sunflowers, quinces, agave and wild fig trees, it is a stroll of sights, sounds and smells.


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What mustn't be forgotten, and applies to all the villages, is that they are still working fishing villages. Kefalos has a fantastic sheltered harbour which accommodates a plethora of colourful local vessels, but also has the capacity to host yachts and sailing boats.


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Night life is centered around the beach side tavernas and the harbour road with views across to the islands of Nissyros and Giali with boats bobbing in the bay.


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Moving up the winding steep roads to the old village of Kefalos, passing cliff sides with caves, brings you into quite a different world to the coastal area. Pass the church and the road beyond is not for the faint-hearted but carry on anyway! 


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An old village with narrow streets and quite a lot of  traditional houses remaining is what is waiting for you at the top. First of all you have to pass through a rather wonderfully chaotic square where it is worth spending an hour over a coffee just to watch local life.


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From there, you can wander around the village and maybe take the path along to the castle and the windmill, both of which seem to be 'masters of all they survey' and they survey a great deal.


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 There is a great deal more to explore in the Kefalos area; Limnionas, Agios Theologos, Agios Yiannis to name one or two. The area is littered with ancient sites everywhere, as you might expect from the ancient capital of what was once a very wealthy island.

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