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Long known as a centre of nightlife, Kardamena has a lot more to offer than is usually acknowledged.  Situated on the south coast, it is only 6 kms from the airport and is well connected to Kos town by bus and to other islands by boat. Sitting under the shadow of the mountains and the castle in the distance, Kardamena is still a working fishing village, despite the hustle and bustle and music in parts of the village in the evenings!
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The village comprises narrow streets lined with houses, shops, tavernas and bars. The harbour has what I can only call a promenade which is wonderful for wandering up and down in the evenings. There are yachts moored and wooden sailing boats offering fishing trips and visits to other islands, including the volcanic island of Nissyros.
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There is night life and there are night clubs but there are also very good traditional tavernas and quiet cafes and bars which look out onto beaches and the harbour and across the sapphire blue Aegean sea. 
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Daytime affords plenty of time for meandering around the narrow streets, stopping off for coffee and ice-cream, in among checking out local products in the shops. You can find a good range of olive products, including soaps and cosmetic, not to mention the edible variety. There is also a shop selling locally made olive wood products and they have a small, but beautiful range of bowls, salad servers, chopping boards etc., all with the distinctive, unique pattern of olive wood.
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Car hire, exchange and excursions are easily arranged from the various offices in the village. Advice and information is also freely shared so that you don't miss out on anything.
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There are beaches within the village and also just on the edges, a short walk away. Umbrellas and beds are available for rent and there are some water sports if you are feeling like having fun.
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The other thing that Kardamena has, in common with the rest of the island, is archaeological sites, including the Temple of Apollo and Christian Basilicas.
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There is a great deal more to be said about Kardamena; a lot of which you will find in -
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